Our Lady of Peace Shrine
Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

The project was commissioned by the "Our Lady of Peace" organization.  The concrete
sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary was completed in 22 months and is located in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, immediately north of Interstate 80.  It is one of the largest concrete sculptures in the United States.  It is also one of the largest Marian shrines in the United States.  It is the largest sculpture in the State of Wyoming.  I created the sculpture and designed the construction process.  I also designed the landscape to hold over 250,000 engraved memorial bricks (memorializing loved ones that have passed away).  Thousands have been purchased.  All proceeds go to the "Our Lady of Peace" organization.  View construction slideshow below.
 1: Fida at base  2: Making clay.  3: Life-size clay.
 4: Making mold.  5: Fiberglass  6: Large model.
 7: 2 Of 3 sections.  8: Cast sections.  9: Installation.
10: Placing head. 11: Securing head. 12: Assembled.
13: Filling joints. 14: Sculpting joints. 15: Dedication mass.

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